Latest Friendship Quotes, Lines, Status, Images For Friends 2020,SMS

Hindi shayari on best friendfriend forever status in hindi, best friend quotes in ... Pakki Dosti Shayari, Dog Dosti Shayari, New Dosti Shayari, Latest Dosti ...Friendship Is Not About who is there with you for long , It Is About Who came and never left you. A  Friend Is Someone Who Thinks You'Re A Good person ! Many People Will Walk In your life, But Only True Friends Will be in your Heart. Friendship Means Understanding and caring, Not a Agreement .

 Latest Friendship Quotes, Lines, Status, Images For Friends 2020,SMS

 Latest Friendship Quotes, Lines, Status, Images For Friends 2020,SMS

 Latest Friendship Quotes, Lines, Status, Images For Friends 2020,SMS

 Latest Friendship Quotes, Lines, Status, Images For Friends 2020,SMS

देखी जो नब्ज मेरी, हँस कर बोला वो हकीम…
जा जमा ले महफिल पुराने दोस्तों के साथ…
तेरे हर मर्ज की दवा वही है…!!
दोस्ती सच्ची होनी चाहिए,
पक्की तो { सड़क } भी होती है…!!
1) A True Fried Is The Best Possession. 

2) A Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul. 

3) A Best Friend Is The Cure  Of Life. 

4) The Only Way To Have A Friends Is To Be One of them so that to make life joyable. 

5) If You Never Had Best Friends, Then You Never Lived Life properly. 

6) A Best and faithfull Friend Is The Greatest Of All Blessings and prayers. 

7) Rare As Is True Love and lover, True Friendship Is Rarer because friendship we do not do it happens.

8) The words Of Friendship Is Not language But Meaning of life. 

9) Friendship is that two bodies but one soul who always delivers love. 

10) My Best Friends must Be Like Books, In sense they are few but Handchoosen. 

11) Wherever We Are and where ever we go , It Is Our  True Friends That Make Our World bright and secure. 

12)Best Friend Multiplies The Good Of Life and  love And Divides The Evil and sorrows. 

13) Friends our like sweets tasty but in little quantity

14) Best Friend  Have Wrapped Around us  Like a never endingFriendship Band. 

15) A Friend Is Who Gives A a everlasting helping Band To His Friend In problem. 

16) A best Friend Is The only one Knows All About You, And Still Likes You and stays with you in sorrows. 

17)We all are More Than Friends. We'Re Like A Really Small Gang but everlasting. 

18)  We Never Lose Friends in life , Who The True Ones Are we learn and earn. 

19)  The Most Important Ingredient In This Recipe Called Life is True Friends. 

20) Best Friends Don'T Judge Each Other in sense. They Judge Other People Together for fun. 

21) Good Friends Are very Hard To Find, very Difficult To Leave, and Finally they are Impossible To Forget beacuse they are loved ones. 

22) I Would Rather Walk With A Friend In The Dark, Than Alone In The Light. 

23) A True Friend Never Gets In Your Way Unless You Happen To Be Going Down. 

24) A Best Friend Is Someone who You Can Call At Any Hour any time To Laugh Or Cry Or Complain beacuse they are the most caring after Family. 

25) Best Friends Are very Hard To Find, if they met us then very Difficult To Leave, But at the last they are the one that are Impossible To Forget 

26) God Really Did Something Special. At the point when He Blessed M With A Friend Like You. 

27) Best Friendship is hard to happen, Especially A Friendship Like Yours And Mine because it is everlasting. 

28) A Friend Is Someone Who Is There For You When He'D Rather Be Somewhere Else. 

29) A True Friendship Is An Art In Beacuse in Which One Can Explain The Meaning Of The Art Fully with No hesitation. 

31) Some Friends Come Into Your Life For A Reason and they are the true ones, Others Come Only For A Season that is just for a while. 

32) Some Friends Come Into Your Life For A Reason and they are the true ones, Others Come Only For A Season that is just for a while.(True lines) 

33) A True Friends Is One Who Overlooks You Failures And Tolerates You Successes. 

34) You Were Always There With me always with your  Warm Hug And Caring Ways and other ways of loving me this eventually called  True Friendship. 

36) Looking Forward To Being Friends Even When We Get Those Wrinkles and Sagging Skin. 

46) A Friend Is Someone Who Believes In You… .Even When You've Ceased To Believe In Yourself. ( Friendship Status for Whatsapp ) 

47) Best Friends Are the ones who  They Know How Crazy You Are And Still Choose To Be Seen With You In Public and private. 

48) Fake Friends : Never Ask For Food. Genuine Friends : Are The Reason Why You Don'T Have Food. 

49) I Am Lucky To Have As My Friend and I Wish Our Friendship Lasts Forever. Cheerful Friendship Day. 

50)True Friendship happiness and joy Is Hot and calm That Last Forever.  thanks to You For Adding Such a pleasant Joy and happiness To My Life. 

51) Your Friendship Is A Special Gift. Liberally Given, Happily Accepted And Deeply Appreciated. 

52) Best Friends Are The People You Can Do Anything And Nothing With And Still Have The Best Time. 

53) closest companions never have a similar nature, they simply have best comprehension of their distinction. 

60) A Friend Will Strengthen You With His Prayers, Bless You Eith His Love and Encourage You With His Hope.

Funny Friendship Status
61) A True Friends Is Someone Who Thinks You'Re A Good Person ! Despite the fact that They Know You'Re Slightly Cracked. 

62)In Life True Friends Come And Go,similarly  Like The Waves Of The Ocean, But The True Ones Stay in life ,and  Like Octopus On Your Face. 

63) No Matter How Serious Life Gets in Daily Routine , You Still Have That One Person You Can Be Completely Stupid With In regular Life. 

64) Everyone Has A real Friend in life During Each Stage Of Life. But  Yet, Lucky One Has The same Regular Friends in All Stages Of Life. ( Friendship Quotes

65) In Life So Many People Will Walk In And Out Of Your Life, But Only Real Friends Will Leave Footprints In Your Heart Because They are Loved ones. 

66) A Real Friend Who Understands Your Tears and fear Is Much More Valuable Than A Lot Of fake Friends Who Only Know Your Smile and money . 

67) A True Friend Is the one Who Understand Your Past with caring , and also Believe In Your Future And Accepts You Today in the present The Way You Are. 

68) Your Loved  Friendship Is Like A Diamond or gem… True and Rare and Simple . I Feel So Lucky To Have Found A Friend As Precious As You you are a gem. 

70) True ones  Don'T Get Offended When You Insult Them. They Smile And Call You Somethings Even More Danger that will break your heart. 

79) Best Friends Are The People In Life That Make You Laugh A Litter Louder, Smile A Litter Brighter And Live A Little Better. 

80) In life No One Can Be Best Friends After Being Loves ,Yes But They Are Friends Again After Being Lovers Hehe They Are The Best Friends In The World and Universe. 

Charming Friendship Status 

81) Friendship Is A Silent Bond in the world. Increasingly Old More Strong, More Deep More Clear, More Close More Warm, And Less Word More Understanding. 

82) As We Go On further in life, We Remember, All Beautiful The Times We Had Together And As Our Lives Changes Through Situations and Situations, Come Whatever, We Will Still Be Friends Forever and Ever. 

83) In the Present Scenario Making A Million Friends Is Not A Miracle or Magic. The Miracles Is To Make A True Friend Who Will Stand Beside You When Million Are Against You. 

84) A true  Friend Is Someone Who Tries To Pick You Up  in bad times as well When You've Fallen and If They Can'T Pick You Up, They Lay Down Right Beside You this is called true friendship. ( Friendship Status for Whatsapp

85) Friendship Is A Plant Of Slow Growth And Must Undergo and Withstand The Shocks Of Adversity Before It Is Entitled To The Appellation. 

86) In this World Yeah We'Re Tight and right And Yeah We Fight. In any case, Through All Of It, There'S One Thing That Will Never Change Life that is very simple . We'Ll Be Friends Forever and ever. 

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